Act! CRM Training Session Problems

act crm training issues

“There are a lot of issues in Act! which are not able to customize and does not have a training session. It is very difficult to learn.”

Many Act! users have actually complained that many different menus and other functions of the program are not easily understandable, and they have to resort to either watching unofficial videos online, which can often scam or fool users more than anything else, or constantly contact support for help. Sometimes, Act! software support fails to answer questions as well, leaving the user in the dark completely. To such a user, the program is as good as useless because as mentioned, a program is not worth anything if the user does not know how to use it properly.

Act! can be a very difficult and frustrating experience of trial and error, just to get the basic functions running.

All in all, this pressing issue cannot be resolved by releasing a set of free information sessions or videos that are aimed at helping the users with any problems that they may have came across and teaches them about the things and functions that are otherwise not found on the internet.

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