Act! CRM Synchronization Problems

Synchronization problems

Problems arise when deleting items from people’s calendars when trying to sync up.

Act!, while being one of the most used “Customer Relationship Management” softwares, isn’t without its own set of bugs and issues. While one might think that these issues should be resolved as quickly as possible, to ensure that no customer has to go through any sort of problem, it is often the case that many of these bugs are prolonged and remain in the software for a very long time, even after multiple users have reported them, and have voiced their dissatisfaction.

Sometimes hot fixes or “patches” that aim to remove these problems are introduced, but more often than not, these patches don’t actually fix the issue, but rather just try to mask it in some manner, which of course causes the issue to still be prevalent for many users. In some cases, Act!’s developers have forced their users to upgrade to a newer version of the program to be able to use it, otherwise they would have software-breaking bugs that would stop them from using the Act! program entirely. One of these kinds of bugs is the Windows 10 issue that arose where if the users tried to access many parts of the program while on Windows 10, they constantly crashed and were unable to. A “fix” for this was announced, but it was available only to the users that had the latest version of the program, and anyone that hadn’t purchased it, had to either upgrade or stop using the program entirely.

Thus, it is quite evident that even popular and widely used programs like Act! can certainly have issues that make their users quite frustrated and dissatisfied. Another example of this type of issue is the problems that arise when deleting items from people’s calenders, during syncing.

A user has claimed that due to the constant crashes that take place while using the program, they have stopped being a fan of Act! entirely. They further stated that whenever they tried to delete items from other people’s calenders during sync ups, they were not able to, which was a very frustrating experience for them. Not only that, but if it was up to them, they would stop using the program entirely, but, as their sales team were using the Act! sales software, they were forced to do so as well. Finally, they stated that the calender also caused a lot of issues when trying to get it to work with Outlook.

Here is what the user Patrick M. had to say for the program, after giving it just one star out of five:

“I have never been a big fan of Act! because I have always had problems with it. Many times I have issues where it crashes, or freezes, or the calendar integration with Outlook does not work correctly. We have even had problems in the past with it deleting items from people’s calendars when trying to sync up! The bottom line is that I, at least personally, have always had problems with it. To me it has always been problematic and I have never liked using it. Unfortunately it is the CRM our Sales team uses and therefore I am forced to use it in order to align with the sales team and see their calendars, prospects, notes, and so on. Particularly the calendar sync with Outlook has also always been problematic for both me and other users.”

In fact, a blogger and customer of Act! even stated that “You won the battle, and got my money. But if this is the way you treat customers, I guarantee you will lose the war. When I emailed Joe Morrell about these adventures, he replied “Act! has a very good product with a lot of solid features, but they should be ashamed of their customer service. They are so useless that you really are pretty much on your own.”

Later on he added:

“I plan to tell this story when I give speeches about the importance of exceptional customer service in the internet age. It will help me to make the point that any firm that treats their customers badly should expect unhappy clients to email all their friends, and then post the details in their blogs.”

The full review of this blogger can be viewed here:

This customer has the complete right to be dissatisfied with the quality of service provided by Act!’s developers and customer service. The constant lack of regard given to the customer, and the way he was treated only goes to show that despite the various issues arising in the software, Act! has done very little to fix them. This may be due to a lack of understanding on the part of the developers or some serious communication issues that may be between the customer service providers and the development team.

When there are major issues like calenders are not working, then there certainly is a lot to be said about how the developmental process is not being taken care of properly. Thus, if Act! wishes to ensure that their customers and users remain loyal to them, it is of the utmost importance to provide constant fixes, and make sure that future updates do not have these issues to begin with. Only through proper customer support and relations can Act! hope to remain in the reputable position that it once was, as the best “Customer Relationship Management” software that is available to the people.

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