Act! CRM Operating System Problems

operating system problems

Act! Pro simply does not work with Windows 10.

There is one major issue that has been identified regarding it. Many users who opted for Act! pro as their CRM software choice raised the issue that this software has major compatibility issues with Windows 10. According to some of the user reviews, Act! Pro simply does not work with Windows 10.

This issue is a very big drawback for the organization because of the fact that all around the world nearly 300 million devices use Windows 10 as their operating system which makes up around 22.99% of the market share. If any startup that has opted for Act! as their CRM software figures out that this software doesn’t properly work with Windows 10 then obviously they would change their CRM software rather than switching to a different operating system and they might never opt for any software solution that Act! provides. The major reason behind this compatibility issue can be the update of Microsoft .NET framework that Microsoft provided in late January this year. This update has been known to cause issues when trying to interact with the Documents tab, modify attachments, or attach new files to the database.

Act! however, was quick to identify this issue and provide hotfixes for some version of the software, Act! Version 17.1 and Act! Version 17.2 and while addressing this issue Act! released a statement saying that “Upgrading to Windows 10 introduces many new features, some of which may affect Act!. We highly recommend performing a complete backup of your Act! database prior to upgrading to Windows, though Act! v17.2 and later are compatible and are fully supported. We have additional recommendations to make your transition as smooth as possible. Act! crashes when attempting to attach any document to the contact using the documents tab or when attaching any document to a note. Additionally Act! crashes when attempting to open an existing attachment in the History tab.“

But the problem for Act! is that, the people who were already using the software might just use these hotfixes to solve the compatibility issue but new user or as we can say new potential customers of Act! pro might not be too intrigued in buying a software and then using a hotfixes to make it work fine with their systems and this can cost the organization with many new customers.

It’s quite clear that most customers like purchasing programs that work “out of the box”, and having to download multiple hotfixes just to get a program to run isn’t something that any customer considers ideal. This will obviously mean a loss in many potential customers. Furthermore, while this hotfix claimed to have fixed the Windows 10 compatibility issue entirely, it actually did not fix it for many users.

This issue was made available only for users on Act! 17 Pro and those who are using softwares and programs newer than it. However, users who had Act! 16 or older versions of Act! had no way of using it, and constant crashes were witnessed by them without any solution or fix.

On this thread:;

A customer can be seen asking support for help as they used Act! 16 and Windows 10 was not compatible with it, and they asked for a fix. The support did not offer any good solutions, and only stated that the fix was for Act! 17, and not for 16, meaning any users of the old software had to either stop using the program entirely, how have to pay money to upgrade it to use it further. This is clearly no way to fix issues as it only leads to more frustration on the part of the customer, and the only fix that was actually available for users on Windows 10 was to either downgrade or revert back to Windows 7 to continue using their Act! software, or just delete ACT entirely and look for a software that was compatible with Windows 10.

Certainly, constant releases of hotfixes, ill-managed customer support and incompatibility issues that are widespread is no way for any big-time CRM service provider to Act!. By making their software be obsolete for Windows 10, Act! has managed to completely turn away a huge portion of their user base, and will undoubtedly have to release a better patch or hotfix in the future go get rid of this issue, otherwise they could witness a decrease in the number of users.

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