Act! CRM Customer Support Problems

customer support problems

“The support is difficult to get, long waits, and not always correct. Customer support offered a knowledge base article on the first problem with two fixes. One was for beginners and did not work. The other referenced menus and options that do not exist”

Act!, being the biggest CRM service provider need to upgrade their support system because many users of the software have raised the issue of the support system not being useful enough to help in the problems arising with the software.

It has been seen that whenever an issue is raised by a customer, the person is kept waiting for a proper response and apart from the response, the fixes for the problems that Act! provides is not always correct.

It is obvious that time is needed by the organization to understand and solve the issue but when the solution is not always good enough for the customer, a trust deficit between the customer and the organization is created that might prove to be bad for the organization in the long run. This is because the market is flooded with similar software and other CRM solutions and the general perception of a customer is that they don’t always wait for a hotfix or they’d prefer changing the software if their trust is lost in Act!.

Making the customer support system better needs to be the first and foremost priority of any company nowadays because the way you treat and manage your customer shows how concerned any organization is about the satisfaction of its customers. Act! provides a knowledge base article for any problem raised by a customer. This is a really promising way to deal with arising issues because those who haven’t yet encountered the problem can also see the article and use that particular hotfix to avoid that problem. But then again users of Act! have raised their concerns regarding the accuracy and correctness of that base article as well, because the solutions provided in these articles are known to not always work and this is one of the major issues that Act! needs to work on.

While these base articles can provide the “basic” information on any given problem, most of the time the problem that arises for a user is specific to their files, thus simple base information not only can cause more frustration for a user, as neither the solution worked for them, nor are they receiving any sort of fast and instant support.

According to a reviewer of Act!:

” Customer support offered a knowledge base article on the first problem with two fixes. One was for beginners and did not work. The other referenced menus and options that do not exist.”

This indicates that the support not only failed to provide the customer with the information they required, but they also lacked knowledge of the program itself, as they provided the customer with incorrect and unneeded information. The first article provided to the customer was a “base” article for absolute beginners. The customer was in no need of this article, as they had already known the basics and were trying to resolve their own personal issue that was specific to them. The other article mentioned menus or options that did not even exist! Not only are the support articles outdated and out of touch with the actual program, but the support staff is unaware of this glaring problem, and is continuously providing their customers with wrong information.

An example of Act!’s flawed customer support is when the “Windows 10” crashing incident took place. Many users who updated to Windows 10 noticed that Act! crashed repeatedly when a user would try to open their documents tab or write notes. This issue was obviously a very serious one, as it can stop a user from using Act! altogether. Crashing would mean that the program closes without any notice or information, thereby making it absolutely unusable. The hotfix for this problem wasn’t released until very late, and even that did not resolve the problem for all of the users.

Many of the users that had older versions of Act! still had to deal with the problem of constant crashes, and the only viable solution that they had was just not to upgrade to Windows 10, which of course, is no solution on part of Act!’s development team, but rather an instinctual effort made by the users to continue to use Act!.

On this link:;

It becomes clear how the support staff tries to dodge the question of the user at first, and then in the end, fails to fix the problem, leaving the only way for the fix to be either pay money and upgrade or not get Windows 10 at all.

For a CRM provider as big as Act!, this simply no way to be responding to customers and users. Furthermore, making their program in such a way that it causes issues is also a concern that Act! should address immediately. The way the program is designed also causes lots of users to have to contact support lots of times, just to understand how the program is handled and used. Not to mention the support videos that Act! provides are nothing more than marketing videos that try less to solve the issue of the user, and try to get them to buy another unneeded add-on.

With all that has been mentioned, it’s no wonder why lots of users of Act! claim that the program certainly has lots of issues regarding its support staff. Providing incorrect, false and irrelevant information is nothing less than a black flag for a support staff as it quite evidently reveals that they, themselves, are painfully unaware of their own program, meaning that they just can’t help anyone else with their issues either.

Building good relations between customer and company is the biggest step for any company, and by constantly failing to make their customers happy, a company loses the trust and support of their customers quite easily.

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