Act! CRM Add-ons Problems

expensive add ons

There are “tons” of add-ons to beef up the software, but most are paid and bundled with unnecessary features.

Though there are tons of other add-ons, the cost of these add-ons pose a big problem for many users of Act! who cannot easily afford to purchase all these necessary tools and thus Act! has to face the criticism for not providing its users with these all important tools for free.

Cost is one of the issues raised by the users regarding these add-ons. Another important problem faced by the users of Act! Is that these add-ons are bundled up with some unnecessary and unnecessary features, which means that people who Act! CRM addons do not the value of their money, as not all features can be utilized. Thus the solution to these issues can be that Act! provides its users with free of cost add-ons or, if not free of cost then at least it can make sure that the costs of most important and most demanded add-ons are reduced to an affordable level.

Furthermore, these add-ons should aim to provide the service that they claim to, and not be bundled with unnecessary and useless features that do nothing more than to just increase the size of the add-ons and contribute to making the entire system slower, and much more sluggish than usual. Only through valuing customer’s money, and ensuring that it is being used to purchase valuable products can this issue be resolved.

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