Act! Problems

Customers thoughts on Act!

“Major bugs and poor customer support”

Act! Pro Software simply does not work with Windows 10. Activities do not roll. Outlook email does not integrate at all. Customer support offered a knowledge base article on the first problem with two fixes. One was for beginners and did not work. The other referenced menus and options that do not exist. Customer support did take over my pc remotely and caused my activities to roll – once. They have ignored my followup requests ever since.

– Rafe E

“The buggiest program I have ever used”

When connecting to a database on an internal network with a desktop it forces you to install a local SQL instance that you don’t need. The add-in makes Outlook run slow and stops working about twice a month. I have another customer that can’t send GTM invites through the meeting request. There is another person that has various calendar issues every week – items missing, items rolling over when they’re not supposed to, fonts getting changed on their own.

– John I

“I Am Not A Fan”

I have never been a big fan of Act! because I have always had problems with it. Many times I have issues where it crashes, or freezes, or the calendar integration with Outlook does not work correctly. We have even had problems in the past with it deleting items from people’s calendars when trying to sync up! The bottom line is that I, at least personally, have always had problems with it. To me it has always been problematic and I have never liked using it.

– Patrick M.

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